Digital Assets - Now a Part of Estate Planning

Posted on: January 31st, 2019
Digital Assets - Now a Part of Estate Planning 

It wasn't very long ago that we kept all our financial and tax records on paper. We could simply point to a file cabinet or drawer and let our family know where to find the important paperwork when it's needed.   
But now we have computers and the internet, and so much of our lives is online. Unless we include our digital assets and social media in our estate planning, our family or administrator may not be able to find critical documents.
"Much of this information is password protected. Unless we make arrangements in advance, family members or administrators may not be able to access these and the information could be lost forever." says Estate Planning Attorney, Maura Curran.
Estate planning for digital assets and social media accounts is similar to estate planning for other assets. You need to make a list of what you have and where it is located, name someone to step in for you, provide that person with access, and provide some direction for what you want to happen to these assets.
The Curran Law Firm focuses on helping families through the complicated process of planning for family protection and preservation of assets.

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