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Flying for a Funeral

If you have lost a loved one and you need to take a last minute flight for the funeral, you may be surprised to learn that the airlines are not as helpful as you might expect. Under the circumstances, you probably expect a discount on your ticket, but you are not likely to get a very significant one.

Most airlines require that the family member that has passed away be within the “relationship parameters” as set out by the individual airline. The majority of the airlines also require numerous documents and information to qualify for the discounted ticket. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to provide a death certificate or any other evidence of your loved one’s death before the flight. You may be able to submit the documentation at a later date and request a refund, but there is no guarantee you will receive it.

With the numerous websites that offer discounted tickets, it is likely you can get a better deal from one of them rather than by requesting a bereavement ticket.