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Planning when you have young children

Too often parents presume they don’t need a will because they think they do not have a lot of assets or worse, believe nothing will happen to them. Chances are nothing tragic will happen to young parents, but sadly even young parents can die unexpectedly. Therefore, everyone with young children should give thought to what will happen upon their death,.

Did you know telling someone that you want them to be the guardian of their child if something happens to you is not enough?
Did you know you there is no guarantee your parents or adult siblings will be the guardian for you minor child should something happen to you?

When you have a young child, estate planning is essential and a part of planning is designating a guardian for your children, as well as distributing your estate assets.

When both parents die without proper designation of guardian for their child, the person that determines your child’s guardian is a judge and that guardian may not be the person you believe is the best person to care for your child.  Planning for your death is an important part of your parental responsibilities.

Enjoy your life and your family, but plan for unexpected event so others do not have to plan should an untimely event occur.