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Limiting Liability for the Self – Employed: Protect What You’ve Built

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Life’s uncertainties can become pronounced when you’re self-employed. Limiting liability, both personally and business-wise is paramount to ensure you’re safeguarded against potential pitfalls.

1. The Business Vulnerabilities:

A self-employed individual might face threats from business creditors or litigation. Structuring your business appropriately is essential to limit these vulnerabilities.



2. Personal Liabilities and Concerns:

From potential personal creditor claims to the complexities of familial changes like divorce, it’s vital to shield your personal assets from unpredictable risks.


3. Using Trusts to Protect Your Legacy:

Ensuring your loved ones enjoy the fruits of your labor without outside interference is possible through trust. Specialized trusts can protect inheritances, keeping them aligned with your intentions.



Risk is a facet of life and business. But with careful planning and the right legal and financial strategies, you can minimize these risks and ensure a legacy that lasts.

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