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Preserving your collections

Many people have items that they collect.  They may range from simple things such as family photographs to more expensive items such as antiques or artwork.  When it comes to your collections, it is important to take steps to preserve them so they may be passed down through the generations.  Below are a few things to consider:

  • Physical Storage.  Most items should be stored in acid-free and cool storage spaces.  A cool, dark closet may work perfectly, but avoid hot attics and damp basements.
  • Digital Storage.  It may be wise to create a digital copy of your collection.  The digital copy could be displayed or shared while the original object is being kept safe.  Digitizing is also an easy way to store photographs online.
  • Assist with Preservation.  It is important to understand what you have and how it should be properly stored.  Items such as buffered tissue, polyethylene sleeves, and other archival products can help preserve your collections.
  • Catalog.  Take the time to catalog your items and the value of your collection.

Your collection represents a lifetime of work and care for something that is important to you.  Take the additional steps to insure that your items can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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