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Same Sex Couples with Children: Estate Planning is Essential

Raising children is complicated enough without the additional obstacles that face gay and lesbian parents. Heterosexual couples have inherent rights afforded to them that are non-existent for same-sex couples. Thus, it is up to you to take action to protect your property rights, healthcare decisions and the distribution of your estate when you die.If you are not legally recognized as the adoptive or the biological parent of your child, there are several documents you should consider getting:

  • Last Will and Testament, Trust or some other form of estate plan that protects your loved ones right to your estate if you should die.
  • Appointment of a guardian for your minor children. You should also create an Authorization and Power of Attorney for Child Care that will empower the person you select with authority to make decisions for and care for your children when you are unable to do so.

For more information on how same-sex couples can protect their children and their estate, contact The Curran Law Firm to schedule an appointment.