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Social Media…..A Way to Scam the Elderly?

Unfortunately, the elderly have always been vulnerable to scams.  As technology becomes an essential part of everyday life for people, senior citizens are getting more active online.  Adult children use a variety of social media websites as a way to share pictures and updates with grandparents who live across the country.  Scam artists are increasingly using the information on the senior citizen’s social media sites to perpetrate their fraud.

A common example occurs when the scammer calls the grandparent and, using personal information they’ve discovered on Facebook, they tell them that a grandchild is in trouble and needs money.  Typically, these calls occur later at night when a senior citizen is more likely to be disoriented or confused.  The scam artist may even pretend to be the grandchild, and then he quickly turns over the call to his supposed doctor or arresting officer.  For an unsuspecting grandparent, this can seem all too real.

Thus, it is important to discuss this type of scam with your loved ones who are elderly.  Advise them to never wire money, even if the caller demands that they act quickly.  If there is ever a doubt, tell your family member to immediately hang-up and contact you or the grandchild first to verify the story.

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