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Social Media Accounts as Part of Your Estate Plan

Most people have a social media account of some kind.  But, what does Facebook or Instagram have to do with probate?  The answer may depend on where you live.

Some states have passed laws that give executors or personal representatives control over social media accounts that were registered to the decedent.  The goal is to allow the personal representative the ability to clean-up or properly close each account.  How the account is handled is either left to the personal representative’s own judgment or by instructions left behind by the deceased account holder.

If you think about it, your social media accounts hold important photos or notes from family and friends.  Your loved ones may want to access and preserve these memories.  Thus, it is important for you to consider who you want to access your account after you are gone and include any desired instructions in your estate plan.

Whether you live in a state that includes your social media accounts as part of your estate by law or not, you should discuss how you want this part of your life handled with your estate planning attorney.

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