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Standalone Retirement Trusts

Changes in the law have pushed standalone retirement trusts (SRTs) to the forefront of estate planning for many folks. We commonly recommend SRTs to our clients who want to pass their retirement accounts to their loved ones.

Here are standalone retirement trust benefits:

  • Full stretch out assets with the smallest required minimum distribution possible, taking advantage of tax-deferred growth and equating to more dollars overall.
  • Protection of assets from beneficiaries’ creditors such as might arise from divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, malpractice, business failure, medical crisis, and the like.
  • Protection of assets from the beneficiaries themselves in the event there’s drug, alcohol, gambling, or overspending issues.
  • Protection of governmental benefits so your gift doesn’t accidentally disqualify a loved one who has special needs.

If you have retirement accounts you value and would like to pass along to your loved ones, an SRT might be a good fit for you. Let’s review your estate plan.