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Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Delays in Probate

Probate matters can last months, even years. A skilled estate planning attorney can partner with you to ensure the probate process goes smoothly. If you want to avoid unnecessary delays:

-Meet all filing deadlines. Missing deadlines can result in additional court appearances, making it impossible to move forward until the matter is resolved

-Give timely notification to all creditors. Any delay in notifying creditors prolongs the process and leaves the estate open to further claims.

Inventory. The court will require an inventory of the estate, so the quicker you complete it the better.

Accurate accounting. You are required to provide an accurate accounting of the money spent administering the estate. Maintaining an accurate accounting as you proceed will allow you to file the final report and close the estate as soon as possible.

Work with Maura Curran. To ensure that you avoid delays and obstacles during the probate process, hire an experienced attorney to assist you. The Curran Law Firm will guide you through the entire process and protect you from time-consuming mistakes.